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The Planet University. The Botanical Garden.

На сайте информационного агентства «Последние известия» опубликована новая запись в рамках спецтемы «Молодёжные известия».

First appearance!
“The Planet University” presents our Botanical Garden.
It weathered through everything. Heydays used to run into decays. Today we are witnessing the resurrection of the Garden. Resurrection is like the spring. And it is the spring that ignites living powers.
Author — Anastasiya Minvaleeva
Director — Olga Podolskaya
Presenter — Alexandra Khokhlova
Cameramen: Denis Sosnin, Eugene Garyaev
Editor — Ivan Smolnikiv

We acknowledge Alexander Khalling, acting director of the SPBU Botanical Garden and SPBU Senior Vice-Rector adviser Natalia Duepley for their assistance in the filming.
Address: 7 — 9 Universitetskaya Emb (main building patio)., St Petersburg, 199043
email address:
[email protected]
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Office hours
Garden admittance: Mon — Fri, 10 am — 5 pm.
Greenhouse admittance: Tue, Fri 2 pm — 3 pm
Individual admittance: to be arranged by prior notification
Inquiries for excursion service:
[email protected]
No fee
«The Planet University» series of programmes are under development to be dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg State University, which we will celebrate in February 2024.
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