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Planet University. Petrographic Museum.

На сайте информационного агентства «Последние известия» опубликована новая запись в рамках спецтемы «Молодёжные известия».

Premiere: Planet University. Petrographic Museum
For the upcoming 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg State University, which out country and the world will celebrate in 2024, the creative team of the SPbSU media Centre has decided to create a new popular science project.
We plan to tell you about the most interesting collections of the University: museums, archives, library collections; biological, physical, chemical, medical, mathematical, geological, artistic, philological collections, and even about the gardens and parks of SPbSU. We will tell you about all those Islands of science and culture that make up the planet University together with the faculties-continents and scientific streams. This heritage has been collected for almost three centuries and is carefully preserved today for future generations of scientists and students. This is the heritage of Russian science and culture.
Petrographic Museum
The first program of the cycle, was prepared as a part of the 4th-year student of the Department of Broadcast Journalism of School of Journalism and Mass Communications of SPbSU Alexandra Khokhlova’s creative project and is dedicated to the Petrographic Museum.
Author-Alexandra Khokhlova
Editor-Anastasia Minvaleeva
Directed by Olga Podolskaya
Cameramen: Denis Sosin, Eugene Garyaev
Editing by Ivan Smolnikov

We thank Elena Putintseva, curator of the Petrographic Museum, for her help in conducting the shooting.
Petrographic Museum of the Petrography Department of the Institute for Earth Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University
Phone number: (812) 363 62 01
Address: 7-9 Universitetskaya nab., Saint Petersburg, 199043
Operating mode: Every day from 11.00 to 17.00, except Monday, Sunday and the last Friday of each month.
Visiting on Saturday is by prior arrangement. Admission is free.

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